Benefit Design Services offers a wide range of programs. While our client list is confidential, we are happy to provide client references upon request.

With regards to your employee benefit program, the following are some of the services you may expect:


For our clients with over 50 employees we provide help with ACA compliance through Benefitscape, Inc.(


For our clients with over 20 employees we provide COBRA administration through Sound Benefit Administration(


We will bid your benefit plan annually without fail.


Our professional, dedicated office team is available to assist you with any administrative issues as they arise. Our goal is to be a dependable resource to assist you in any and every way possible.

Employee Meetings:

If you change plans, we will hold employee meetings to explain the new program.

Employee Manuals:

We will provide a personalized, easy to understand description of your benefit plan to each employee.

Translation Service:

Available for those of our clients who have Non-English speaking employees. Explanation of benefits, claims questions, employee meetings etc.

New Hires:

If you wish, we will take the time to send out a representative to meet with a new employee to properly explain the benefit program.


We are licensed with over 30 carriers to make sure that our bidding process always remains as competitive as possible.

Self-Insured Plans:

Through our affiliation with a select number of carriers and TPAs, we can offer self-insured and partially self-funded plans to companies with as few as 25 employees.

Terminated Employees:

If requested, we will counsel terminated employees as to their best alternatives.

Business Insurance:

We can provide knowledgeable advice and highly competitive products to fund Buy/Sell agreements, Key Person coverage etc.